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About Milk & Waffles

Milk & Waffles is a pop-up eatery which produces original Liege Waffles, on a stick! We only use the best ingredients including imported Belgian Pearl Sugar in order to maintain the authenticity of our Belgian Liege Waffles.


We pride ourselves not just in our authentic ingredients, but also in our detailed process of making the Waffle dough. The dough is always made fresh and we use a top of the line waffle iron to make them. Our waffles are made with delicious toppings such as fresh berries, whipped cream and even fruity pebbles!


The perfect sweet snack to snap a picture of for our fellow foodies. Although quality and authenticity is our top priority.

About Me

Thanks for your interest in Milk & Waffles and the creator behind it!

Here's a little about me, the proud founder of Milk & Waffles. ​


This journey began when I was nine. I noticed how people really started admiring dogs and treating them like a part of their family. So, I set out to make organic dog treats. I thought, why not sell them? I pulled up a recipe online, set up a table at a local dog park & began selling my treats. It was while I was sitting in a {not so interesting} business class at Chico State that I discovered the Liege Waffle. ​


It took me a while to nail the product. The more I learned about this Belgian snack, the more intrigued I became. This is the ORIGINAL waffle. I strongly believed in landing a good job after college while building Milk & Waffles and would encourage any young entrepreneur to do the same.


I couldn't have built Milk & Waffles without my very supportive family, for which I am so thankful! I have had to "sacrifice" my own belly to perfect our waffles, we hope you love the outcome!


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