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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a liege waffle?
    A liege waffle is much different from waffles as we know them. It originated in Liege, Belgium and starts as a yeast-risen dough. There are pearl sugars in each waffle which caramelize when they cook.
  • What are pearl sugars?
    Pearl sugars are little balls of sugar imported from Belgium. They carmelize in our machines made special for Liege Waffles.
  • How are the waffles presented when you deliver?
    For catering drop offs, we will deliver the waffles warm with all toppings on the side for you to add yourselves! If you have a larger event that may span more than 30 minutes, we do strongly suggest that we serve on site. In this case, we will warm the waffles for each guest on site.
  • How long do the waffles stay warm for?
    While the true Liege waffle enthusiasts will eat these at room temperature, we understand most people want a warm waffle. We suggest eating within 20 minutes of our drop off. If you have a larger event, it is best for us to be on site in order to warm the waffles one by one.
  • Do you have a store?
    We have a pick-up only food hall location in San Mateo. Our address is 66 21st Ave San Mateo, CA 94403. We are now offering individual ordering for pick up!
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